Research Roundup

Jan 21, 2010
Academic Detailing, Barriers to Children's Health Care, Patient Safety and More
Jan 14, 2010
Reports on the Need for New Government Investments for Economic Recovery, Diversity in State Judicial Campaigns, Right-Sizing Prisons, and More
Jan 07, 2010
Workplace Violations in LA, Rightwing Smears & Attacks, Supporting Low-Income Students, New Studies on Voting Rights, and More
Dec 10, 2009
Reports on Economic Recovery and Anti-Poverty Strategies, Re-imagining 21st Century Community Colleges, Immigration Reform and Economic Recovery, and Much More
Nov 20, 2009
New reports on Tax Inequality and the Fiscal Crisis in the States, Tools for Green State Economies, and More!
Nov 05, 2009
TANF Emergency Funds, The Impact of State Income Taxes on Low-Income Families, Disparities in K-12 Education Revenues, and More
Oct 22, 2009
New Reports on the Green Energy Economy, Poverty and Inequality, Strengthening Community Colleges, and More
Oct 08, 2009
The Long- and Short-Term Impacts of the Recession, Voting Rights in Indian Country, Reports on the Foreclosure Crisis, and More