Research Roundup

May 20, 2011

Reports by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities on state cuts to low-income families, the Economic Policy Institute refuting the idea that the nation is broke, the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy on progressive revenue components of the recently enacted state budget in Connecticut, and the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy on how low-wage jobs have dominated New York City’s job growth since the bottom of the Great Recession.

May 05, 2011

Tax Shell Game: How Much Did Offshore Tax Havens Cost You In 2010? – In this analysis, U.S. PIRG assesses the economic and fiscal loss states and the nation as a whole experience as a result of offshore corporate tax havens. For instance, they find that the U.S.

Apr 28, 2011

In this week’s PSN Research Roundup: reports from DEMOS on the many benefits that “Main Street Partnership” banks bring to local economies, the Connecticut Action Alliance for a Fair Economy on Bank of America’s ability to avoid paying state taxes, the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies on the distribution of broadband wireline and wireless services in low-income communities, the Center for Labor Research and Education on how living wage polcies would affect the growing expansion of &

Apr 21, 2011

In this week’s PSN Research Roundup: a report from Policy Matters Ohio on the real costs of prison privatization, an analysis by the Immigration Policy Center on the billions of dollars of contributions made by undocumented immigrants to state and local tax coffers, and a study on the high cost of immigration enforcement to the nation’s currently cash-strapped cities by the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy.

Apr 07, 2011

Recent reports from the Center for American Progress Action Fund on the central role of the multi-billionaire Koch brothers in funding the right wing movement in the states and on the critical role that unions have played in creating and sustaining the American middle class; the Economic Policy Institute on the thirty-year trend of stagnating wages in the private sector, the increasingly dramatic gap between the super-wealthy and the rest of Americans following the Great Recession, and the continuing importance of pursuing expansionary fiscal policy in the states; the Institute for Women’s Policy Research on state-by-state figures showing the numbers of workers with access and without access to Paid Sick Days; the National Employment Law Project on the case for reforming criminal background checks for employment; and more.

Mar 31, 2011

Federal Immigration Program Mainly Nets Low-Level Criminals – Of the hundreds of counties in the U.S. participating in the rapidly expanding federal “Secure Communities” program designed to catch and deport immigrants who are dangerous criminals, Arizona’s Maricopa County leads the nation in both the number of immigrants arrested and the number deported.