Research Roundup

Oct 01, 2009
Correcting Five Myths about the Stimulus, Poverty's High Cost to Health, Estimating the Cost of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, and Much More
Sep 03, 2009
Principles for Immigration Policy, Ballot Integrity, Suggested Improvements for the Federal Poverty Measure, and More
Aug 20, 2009
The Recovery Package in Action, Budget Woes Take Toll on Views of State Governments, Why a Public Insurance Plan Is Essential for Health Care Reform, and Much More
Aug 13, 2009
Research Roundup: Responsible Contracting, Family Friendly Workplaces, Asset Buildng in Low-Income Communities, and More
Aug 06, 2009
An International Comparison of Small Business Employment - Contrary to popular perceptions, the United States has a much smaller small-business sector (as a share of total employment) than other countries at a comparable level of economic development, according to this new Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) report.  The report highlights how high health insurance costs and uncertain access discourages small business formation and self-employment in the United States compared to other nations.
Jul 30, 2009
Doctors Speak Out for Health Reform - "Health Care Reform: 450,000 Doctors Can't be Wrong" - The American Academy of Family Physicians and Herndon Alliance have produced a video featuring family doctors speaking out for reform. The doctors’ voice for health care reform is an important one for the public to hear. In this video, doctors discuss the challenges they face in providing quality of care imposed by the status quo.  Doctors affirm that the reform being discussed is in the best interest of America's families and physicians: that it will help provide for quality care at affordable costs.
Jul 16, 2009
Nine Years of Job Growth Wiped Out, Millions of Workers to Benefit from Minimum Wage Increase, Summer Nutrition Status Report, and Much More