Research Roundup

May 07, 2009

No Paid Leave for New Moms  

The State and Local Drag on the Stimulus

More Americans Losing Health Insurance Every Day

How Effectively Does the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Help Laid-Off Workers and States Cope with Health Care Costs?

Health Insurance Coverage in Massachusetts:  Estimates from the 2008 Massachusetts Health Insurance Survey

Healthy Competition: How to Structure Public Health Insurance Plan Choice to Ensure Risk- Sharing, Cost Control and Quality Improvement

Improving Access to Language Services in Health Care: A Look at National and State Efforts

Health Insurance Coverage of New York State’s Home Care Aides

Is New York Prepared to Care? A Comprehensive Coverage Solution for Home Care

US Electorate Most Diverse in History

Saving Dollars, Saving Democracy - Cost Savings for Local Elections Officials Through Voter Registration Modernization

Public Attitudes on State Election Administration, Goals, and Reforms

The Youth Vote in 2008 

Stimulating Excellence: Unleashing the Power of Innovation in Education

Picturing Smart Growth

Apr 23, 2009
  • New analysis on income inequality and taxing the wealthy
  • New transit and clean energy reports
  • Life for immigrants in America
  • New health care reports
  • Effects of race and changing gender on poverty and unemployment