Research Roundup: The Failure of Inadequate Health Insurance for Families - and What Needs to be Done

New reports on the failure of inadequate health insurance for families - and what needs to be done:

  • When Coverage Fails: Causes and Remedies for Inadequate Health Insurance - a Community Catalyst report outlines the implications of a growing “underinsurance” problem as the number of Americans paying more for health insurance policies that cover less has increased 60 percent since 2003 and approximately 25 million Americans—one in five insured adults—are underinsured.  With the economy intensifying the problem, the report urges government leaders to act to ensure families who purchase insurance get the coverage they need.
  • Health Reform: Delivering for Those Who Deliver Health Care - This Center for American Progress report identifies the core elements of health reform as insurance coverage expansion, a focus on prevention, enhanced primary and chronic care management, and comparative measurements of effectiveness.  By integrating these approaches, health care professionals will be able to better serve their patients.