The Economic Crisis and Working Families

A few new reports and resources on the economic crisis facing working families and potential solutions-

  • Housing collapse drives up consumer bankruptcies - This economic snapshot by the Economic Policy Institute shows that personal bankruptcies rose 58% in states without declines in the Home Price Index (HPI) but rose 118%—more than twice as fast—in the 16 states with HPI declines.
  • Webcast with Jared Bernstein, Economic Advisor to the Vice President  In this Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity resource, Bernstein speaks about the real prospects on efforts to increase opportunities for low-income families, including updating the federal poverty measure  and how the Administration will ensure that low-income workers are able to access newly created "green" jobs. 
  • Unemployment Lifeline - This online resource by Working America and the AFL-CIO is a massive database (closing in on 60,000 items) of support information for the unemployed, including a zip code searchable database of unemployment offices, nutritional and utility assistance information, affordable health clinics, child care, and so on.   It also includes it includes forums for people to make connections with others who are unemployed, a wiki for strategies to get by, and, equally importantly, action alerts to give jobless workers the chance to take action.
  • Unions and Upward Mobility for Service-Sector Workers - This CEPR report shows that unionization raises the wages of the typical service sector worker by 10.1 percent compared to their non-union peers and increasess the likelihood that a service sector worker will have health insurance and a pension.