Health Care Reports from Center for Budget and Policy Priorities and Families USA

A few health care reports:

  • Rules of the Road: How an Insurance Exchange can Pool Risk and Protect Enrollees - This Center for Budget and Policy Priorities report outlines key features of any "insurance exchange" reform, including having plans compete on the basis of price and quality, not on which can attract healthier enrollees and deter taking sicker ones, assuring that less-healthy individuals do not pay higher premiums, and that consumers have access to information needed to make informed decisions.
  • Have health insurance? Think you're well protected? Think Again! - This Families USA fact sheet highlights how even many families with health insurance face crises, including 50.7 million insured families spending more than one-tenth of their income on health care, many going without care due to the costs, others being turned away from needed treatment by their insurance companies, and others facing bankruptcy due to costs.