Three New Reports: The Phantom Recovery, NJ Immigrant Integration, and Community Colleges: A Route to Upward Economic Mobility

Three new reports: 

The Phantom Recovery - For many families, hard times did not begin with the current financial and economic crisis but, as this report by the Pew Research Center details, is rooted in the fact that inflation-adjusted median household income has remained below its 1999 peak during the whole "recovery" of the early part of this decade. 

New Jersey's Blue Ribbon Panel on Immigrant Integration - A panel of New Jersey civic, business, and academic leaders issued comprehensive policy recommendations for New Jersey on how to more successfully integrate immigrants into the state including strategies on language access, in-state tuition, worker protections, New Americans initiatives, and public safety. The groundbreaking report is the first time that a New Jersey entity has been charged with examining state issues relating to immigration.

Community Colleges: A Route to Upward Economic Mobility - This report by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis finds that community colleges open up opportunities for many students who would never have attended a traditional four-year institution.  But there are long-term negative effects on earnings for those who start out at a two-year community college versus those who start at a four-year school.