Social spending cuts, poverty reduction lessons, two-year college retention rates

Facing Deficits, 40 States are Imposing or Planning Cuts that Hurt Vulnerable Residents - An update by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities finds painful cuts increasing in public health, programs for the elderly and disabled, K-12 education, colleges and other programs around the country, while 14 states have raised new revenue to address the fiscal crisis in the states.

Target Practice: Lessons for Poverty Reduction -  A report by CLASP on the lessons those seeking numerical goals in reducing poverty can learn from the experience targetting reductions in climate change and homelessness.

The Other College: Retention and Completion Rates Among Two-Year College Students - Despite making up 40 percent of total college enrollment, this report by the Center for American Progress argues for more attention to problems faced by students of two-year colleges, who receive degrees at a far lower rate than those at four-year colleges. The paper argues that new policy strategies are necessary to address the unique problems of two-year institutions and their students.