Research Roundup

Incumbent Advantages:  In Advantage, Incumbent, the National Institute on Money in State Politics found that 92 percent of incumbent state legislators were re-elected and that 84 percent of all winning legislative candidates raised more funds than their opponents.

U.S. Lagging on Maternity Leave:  In a new snapshot, the Economic Policy Institute highlights that out of 19 comparable countries, the United States provides the fewest maternity leave benefits in both length of leave and paid time off.

Progressive Youth:  In the The Progressive Generation, the Center for American Progress finds that a majority of 18- to 29-year-olds, so-called Millenials, are far more progressive than older generations, with this group far more supportive of government-provided health care, increased spending on education and government services, and more pro-labor.  And this group is politically active and voting in increasing numbers.

Racial Disparity in Drug Sentencing:  Despite the fact that whites and blacks use drugs at roughly equal rates, large racial disparities exist in arrests and imprisonment for drug offenses, according to two new reports, one published by the Sentencing Project and the other published by Human Rights Watch.  Because of these racial disparities, black men are nearly 12 times as likely to be imprisoned for drug convictions as adult white men.

Early Education: A new report from CLASP and Zero to Three finds that less than 3 percent of babies and toddlers who are eligible for Early Head Start are reached at current federal funding levels.  A number of states are promoting innovations to expand their reach and state profiles of Kansas and Iowa highlight two innovative programs.