Research Roundup

In a new report, Cities and Immigration: Local Policies for Immigrant-Friendly Cities, the Center on Wisconsin Strategy has prepared a systematic guide for cities looking to design inclusive policies to incorporate immigrants fully into local economies and raise living standards for all residents, from prohibiting the collection of information on immigration status by local agencies to enacting living wage laws to supporting workers centers for day laborers to expanding health care for residents to providing legal advice to immigrants looking to become citizens.

The National Immigration Law Center, in collaboration with NELP and Hate Free Zone, has also released a new immigration resource, Facts about Driver's Licenses and Immigrants, that highlights why denying drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants undermines public safety and national security, and how procedures established to target those immigrants burden many legal residents as well.

Following the introduction of Colorado legislation to restrict interest rates for payday loans, the Bell Policy Center has a new report, The Truth About Payday Loans, that documents how high-interest loans trap working coloradoans in a cycle of debate, while enriching the profits for the $40 billion payday lending industry.

As states struggle with rising unemployment, the National Employment Law Project has released a report on how additional federal resources for unemployment benefits would not only help jobless families but effectively stimulate the overall economy.

While manufacturing has lost jobs in recent decades, it still supports 14 million US jobs -- 10% of the toal, as a brief by the Economic Policy Institute emphasizes.