Research Roundup

The Drum Major Institute has released its 2007 Year in Review, which highlights the ten best and ten worst public policies of 2007, a reading list for progressives, what the Right has been up to, and a States of the Union profile of key policy and success measures that compare the states, from availability of preschool to structurally deficient bridges to health care access.

Families USA recently released a series of reports, Too Great a Burden: American Families at Risk, which is an ongoing series of state reports on health care costs and the burdens families face in paying premiums and out-of-pocket expenses.

A new report by Demos, A Fallible 'Fail-Safe': An Analysis of Provisional Balloting Problems in the 2006 Election, examined results from the 2006 election and found chronic problems in voters being denied provisional ballots when they were entitled to one, poorly maintained voter registration lists, voting machine malfunctions, and denial of the right to cast a ballot even when voters provided proper ID. The report recommends key reforms to solve the problem.

One key reform that Demos highlights in Election Day Registration and in Anatomy of a Successful Campaign for Election Day Registration in Iowa, they detail how Iowa groups came together to promote EDR in that state, including how state and regional advocates and organizers backed these efforts by assembling an effective legislative coalition, mobilizing grassroots support and rolling out a proactive public education campaign.

Three Colorado nonprofits today released Looking Forward: Colorado's fiscal prospects after Referendum C, a new report that analyzes the effects of the TABOR tax limitation measure and both its long term effects on public investments in the state and the mild relief due to Referendum C's passage.  The message is Colorado faces sharp challenges in meeting the growing need for better schools and health care investments in the state.