Research Roundup


According to a new Center on Budget & Policy Priorities report, new requirements to prove citizenship to obtain Medicaid coverage are denying medical coverage to white and African American children at a far higher rate than Hispanic children.  Because low-income individuals must produce a passport or birth certificate, naturalization document, or similar documentation to prove they are U.S. citizens when they apply for Medicaid, the program meant to target undocumented immigrants is instead harming citizens.

Addressing the increasing use of vote-by-mail systems by the states, Project Vote has a new report reviewing the literature on the process and recommending best practices for jurisdictions using mail balloting.

The California Health Care Foundation highlights trends in Employer Health Insurance Costs-- and the story is grim.   The costs of health care insurance are squeezing pay increases for workers, even as the premium contributions by employees continue to rise. 

In Community Design for Healthy Eating: How Land Use and Transportation Solutions Can Help, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation highlights how poor land use policy often limits access to healthy food and outlines a collaborative strategy between urban agriculture and smart growth movements.

Even the National Petroleum Council, a mouthpiece for the oil industry, admits that oil supplies need to be bolstered by alternative fuel sources.  In a new 476-page report, Facing the Hard Truths About Energy, the industry promotes many of its self-interested solutions to the energy crisis, but it also suggests policies to promote carbon emission limits, higher vehicle fuel efficiency, and more energy-efficient buildings.


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