Research Roundup


A new Urban Institute study finds that while the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) has signed up close to 70 percent of its target population, 1.8 million eligible children nationwide are still not enrolled and new federal funding is needed to meet that goal.

In From Bad to Good Jobs?, the Center on Wisconsin Strategy analyzes how the structure of career ladders in specific service industries are standing in the way of upward mobility for many Americans.  In a companion piece, Stronger Ladders, Stronger Floors, author Laura Dresser suggests that states need to do more than funding training programs; they need to strengthen the job quality of industry sectors to make sure the training translates into a decent job.

Policy Matters Ohio has laid out the principles for An Economy That Works, a blueprint for reviving Ohio's economy that focuses on strategic investments in universal pre-K and the state's whole education system, better infrastructure including internet access, energy independence, higher wage standards and a child care and health care system that includes everyone.

A Pew Charitable Trusts report finds that the prison population continues to grow, costing taxpayers an additional $27.5 billion in the next five years over and above what we are spending now.  Most effected will be Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Montana and Vermont which, under current sentencing rules, can expect to see a one-third increase in prison populations by 2011.