Threatened Children, Heightened Inequality, Katrina Recovery, and State Taxes

In an Overview of Selected Data on Children in Vulnerable Families, the Urban Institute pulls together data on the multiple stresses on children, from abuse to poverty to disabilities, and how poverty can reinforce problems of depression and other problems facing low-income families and their children.

Highlighting rising inequality in the United States, the Economic Policy Institute highlights that, where the richest 1% had 126 times as much wealth as the median family, that group now has 190 times as much wealth.

The Brookings Institution has a new report on Building a Better New Orleans, highlighting both progress and failures in helping low-income residents and renters recover or strengthening planning so that all residents will participate in the economic recovery of the region. They've also produced a Katrina Index to measure recovery in the city.

The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy has launched a new State Tax Information Page to make it easier to find tax news and policy analysis for each state.