Paid Sick Days Approved by California Assembly

Last Thursday, the California Assembly approved a bill guaranteeing all workers in the state a minimum number of paid sick days each year, becoming the second legislative chamber in the country to do so following approval in the Connecticut Senate. Washington, D.C. and San Francisco have enacted paid sick days reform into law locally.

Ohio will likely be considering a similar reform on its ballot this fall and a new report by Policy Matters of Ohio highlights the stories and voices of workers for whom paid sick days are critically needed. The report highlights the tragedy of a mother having to return to work the day after birth for fear of losing their job, a husband who can't go to the hospital when his wife was getting chemotherapy, or a restaurant worker having to come to work sick and thereby endangering others' health, along with positive stories of how paid sick days policies improve workplace experiences.

Roughly half of all American workers don't have paid sick days policies at their workplace and even more can't use those days for care of family members, so enactment of California's and Ohio's paid sick plans would be a welcome precedent for the nation. Passing paid sick days legislation is a wildly popular issue, as a new Ohio poll shows-- by a margin of 71 to 24 percent, Ohioans polled favor the proposed paid sick days ballot measure there.

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