NY: Protecting Domestic Workers From Abuse

The New York Times has an excellent story that encapsulates the American dream and a legislator helping fight to make it more achievable.

David Mejias' parents are immigrants. His parents' hard work paid off. He grew up to become an attorney and now serves on the Nassau County legislature.

That's the inspiring part -- the reminder that great beginnings are possible in this country.

But the article is also a story of the Mother's Day present that David recently gave his mother. When Elsa Mejias moved to the United States, she started her new life as a domestic worker -- a nanny for a Long Island family. Her new employers failed to pay her. Her second employers failed to pay her.

Her story is not unique. Indeed, it is a story that has been played out far too many times. David Mejias put a stop to it. He coordinated a unanimous effort to require that domestic workers be notified by their employers of their rights and protections as workers -- "the minimum wage, overtime regulations and Social Security."

Other counties are looking at similar legislation. It's ultimately a healthy reminder, though -- change starts at home.

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