Education Quality & Voting Machine Malfunctions

This year's Quality Counts report from Education Week has broadened its traditional focus on K-12 education to examine what states are doing in early education to prepare students for public school -- and how K-12 education is helping students prepare for college and the workforce. The report finds that there is an upswell of state activity in early education efforts, but less success in aligning high school graduation requirements with college- and workforce-readiness standards. Highlights and rankings for each state are detailed here.

A report prepared by VoteTrustUSA,, and Voter Action has found that the 2006 mid-term elections were riddled by widespread voting machine malfunctions. Problems ranged from delays in poll opening to problems in vote tabulation to votes lost or changed on the voting machine screen. The report urges systematic reform of voting procedures and technology to prevent voter disenfranchisement.