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Citizen Action: Congress must end ‘Tax Day giveaway’ for corporations

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BINGHAMTON, N.Y. — Members of Citizen Action spent their Tax Day sending a message to Congress about what they call the “Tax Day giveaway.”

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Tax Day facts and opinion

Some of the most damning facts about the state of North Carolina’s tax system and what the most recent changes enacted by state leaders really portend for average families — especially the state’s one-of-a-kind repeal of the Earned Income Tax … Read More...

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Congratulations! The Taxes You Just Paid Might Be On Their Way to a Private Prison

Ah, April 15th. Tax Day. 
When you pay taxes, you assume they'll be used to support education, health care, public transportation, and other programs that make your community stronger. That's true, but so is this: some of your hard-earned dollars might be bundled into a massive payout to a private prison company that cares more about profits than public safety.

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Democracy: An on-Going Process That Requires Us All to Participate

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Recent headlines highlight what conflicting attitudes we Americans tend to hold about government. The still-unfolding tragedy in Oso, the debates over school and transportation funding, and the Supreme Court ruling on campaign contributions all underscore just what a messy process democracy is.

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5 things you should know about Oklahoma taxes

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It’s tax day — the annual event when procrastinators, or those who just like to live on the edge, rush to get their tax returns filed before the midnight deadline. If your return is safely filed, or if you just want another excuse to procrastinate, here are 5 things in 5 charts that everyone should know about Oklahoma taxes.

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Quote of the Day 4/15/2014

Our roads are in terrible shape. A bridge that connects two communities is closed for months, and the experts say other pieces of critical infrastructure are in bad shape. Our state mental health agency only has enough money to help the most desperate people, while thousands go without care. Our teachers aren’t paid at the regional average, despite lip service about how important they are to our children. Even our state Capitol, with its gorgeous new dome, is crumbling and festering. With all these needs, Gov.

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Budget Trends and Outlook – April 2014

Even as most states are enjoying budget surpluses, Oklahoma now faces faltering revenue collections and large budget shortfalls, which could lead to deeper cuts at a time when state agencies are still struggling to recover from the last downturn. Our Budget Trends and Outlook summarizes key points you should know. For a PDF version of this 2-page fact sheet, including 4 graphs, click here.

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In The Know: Gov. Mary Fallin signs minimum wage hike ban

In The Know is a daily synopsis of Oklahoma policy-related news and blogs. Inclusion of a story does not necessarily mean endorsement by the Oklahoma Policy Institute.

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Budget bills make additional investments in education

A quality educational system plays a critical role in a state’s economic success. For Minnesota to build an economy that works for everyone, all Minnesota children need access to quality education regardless of their race, income or where they live.

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How Much Do Offshore Tax Havens Cost You?

Fair Tax Policy

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