Twenty States Introduce Resolutions Against Iraq Escalation (2007)

The Progressive States Network announced today that over 20 state legislatures so far have introduced resolutions opposing the President's proposed escalation in Iraq.

This ongoing effort, which has included resolutions and subsequent high-profile legislative hearings in state capitols, is part of a campaign organized by the Progressive States Network that began two weeks ago with a conference call with state legislators and national leaders. On the call Senator Ted Kennedy highlighted the importance of states’ input on the President’s proposed deployment of 20,000 more troops. 

Steve Doherty and David Sirota, co-chairs of the Progressive States Network, explained the widespread legislative support: "For its speed and intensity, this effort is simply unprecedented. Congress cannot ignore the voice of states both red and blue in every region of the country. Americans far and wide oppose this escalation and these legislators are speaking up for the people they represent.”?

Using Progressive States’ website, citizens have already sent over 10,000 letters to their legislators urging action state legislative against the escalation, and thousands more are expected to speak out in the coming weeks as part of a mobilization by Progressive States Network’s partners Moveon, True Majority, and the Women Legislators’ Lobby. This coming week, Moveon and Ned Lamont, PSN’s newest board member, will blast out hundreds of thousands of emails asking citizens to contact their state legislators in support of the anti-Iraq escalation resolutions.

"States have the power and authority to speak out on issues that will impact them and their citizens,”? said Joel Barkin, executive director of the Progressive States Network. “An escalation in Iraq would cripple our already over-extended guard units, threatening readiness at home."  

Opposition from legislatures organized by Progressive States is one facet in a much larger campaign involving Americans against Escalation in Iraq, a group comprised of US Action, Service Employers International Union (SEIU), Win Without War, Vote Vets, Center for American Progress, Campaign for America’s Future, MoveOn, and United States Student Association.

For more information on the Progressive States campaign, the individual bills in specific states, President Bush's  proposed escalation, or state resolution language, please visit

The Progressive States Network was founded in 2005 to drive public  policy debates and change the political landscape in the United States by focusing on attainable and progressive state level actions.

States with Resolutions


1.    Arizona

2.    California

3.    Colorado

4.    Connecticut

5.    Georgia

6.    Iowa

7.    Kansas

8.    Maine

9.    Massachusetts

10. Minnesota

11. Missouri

12. Montana

13. New Jersey

14. New York

15. North Dakota

16. Oklahoma

17. Oregon

18. Rhode Island

19. Texas

20. Vermont

21. Washington

22. West Virginia