Renewable Portfolio Standards

If you had the misfortune of missing our all-star line-up discussing Renewable Portfolio Standards yesterday, have no fear -- we've got the audio available for download in mp3 format. Featured on the call were:
  • Sen. Steve Doherty (ret.) - The co-chair of Progressive States, Doherty is the former minority leader of the Montana Senate.
  • Rep. Aaron Peterson - A legislator in Minnesota who has been a leader on RPS in his own state.
  • Joel Rogers - One of the founders of the Apollo Alliance and founder of the Commons Project, a group working to advance progressive policy by working with executives in the states.
  • Kate Gordon - Kate directs the Apollo Strategy Center, the policy arm of the Apollo Alliance.
  • Adam Schafer - Executive Director of the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators, Adam tracks and promotes environmental legislation across the country.
  • Mijin Cha - One of Progressive States' policy specialists, Mijin works predominantly on smart growth and clean jobs issues.
  • Joel Barkin - Executive Director of Progressive States.