Election 2006: Great News for Progressives

Tomorrow's Stateside Dispatch will take a closer look at election results, but it seems only right to provide a snapshot.
  • Voters rejected rightwing positions on taxes and spending as TABORs and tax cut initiatives were defeated in six states.
  • Six states will see minimum wages rise following voter approval.
  • Democrats made major statehouse gains, picking up 275 legislative seats and 8 legislative chambers (pending some recounts).
  • Democrats also picked up six Governor seats, including important races in Colorado, New York, and Ohio.
  • The progressive Secretary of State Project realized victories in Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Nevada, and New Mexico.
There was some bad news for progressives as well. Same-sex marriage bans passed in more states. Clean elections failed in California, as did fusion voting in Massachusetts. Progressives lost seats in Montana. But even while no chambers flipped in the South, progressives made gains. Look for more detail tomorrow.