CO & GA: Good Court Rulings for Democracy

Good news from judges today. In Colorado, an appeals court rejected Secretary of State Gigi Dennis' rules limiting union speech. Like in Washington state, Dennis wanted to require membership organizations to get individual sign-off from each individual member to spend any money on political activities, an onerous requirement for organizations that are already democratically controlled. What the rule really does is make mass participation organizations difficult and leaves the political playing field left to really rich people. A similar case in Washington is now moving to the U.S. Supreme Court, as we noted in yesterday's Stateside Dispatch. Meanwhile, a Georgia judge struck down rules there that would have hog-tied civic groups trying to drive newly registered voters to the polls. Georgia's election board sought to prohibit organizations registering voters from viewing the information given by voters, actually increasing the risk of fraud while making it impossible for organizations to college information necessary for get out the vote campaigns. The judge ruled the new restrictions amounted to an illegal restriction on political speech and struck them down.