Outrages of the Week

  1. GA: Perdue Uses Office to Hook Up Favorable Tax Changes
    Governor Sonny Perdue of Georgia made it into this esteemed list only two weeks ago for getting into a land deal in Florida that looked likely to make him millions by doing business with a major donor. Now he reappears because it seems that Perdue managed to work it out so that he is the only recipient of a tax break signed into law in 2005. The measure, tucked deeply inside a bill, was worth $100,000 to Perdue. The amendment was inserted in very unusual circumstances. Its author is one of Perdue's close friends and, get this, a tax attorney who has done work for Perdue. The measure was signed into law three days before the deadline to exploit it, meaning only those people most intimately familiar with the smallest changes to Georgia tax law could take advantage of it. Perdue apparently denies any wrong-doing. [Progressive States, 08/25/2006; Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 09/07/2006]
  2. CA: Schwarzenegger Explains Racial Temperaments
    An audio reporter caught California Governor explaining his unique theory of how genetics works and causes Cubans and Puerto Ricans to all be temperamental: "They have the, you know, part of the black blood in them and part of the Latino blood in them that together makes it." [Detroi Free-Press, 08/30/2006]
  3. NE: Using Police Powers to Harass Black People is "Free Speech"?
    State Senator Ernie Chambers is demanding more action following the partial reinstatement of a state trooper who is a Klan member. The trooper's relationship with the Klan was revealed after a complaint was filed by a black anchorman who complained of harassment by the officer. The officer is claiming that firing him would be a violation of his First Amendment rights. [Associated Press, 09/06/2006]
  4. Howard Rich May Want to Stick to Real Estate, He's Not Very Good With Initiatives
    Backers of TABOR-style spending cap measures and regulatory takings initiatives modeled on Oregon's Measure 37 have been having a rough go of it. They just can't seem to comply with the law. They have finally given up in Missouri, where both the secretary of state and a judge ruled that they failed to comply with the law. In Michigan, the spending cap measures is poised to be knocked off the ballot for failing to gather sufficient legal signatures. In Montana, a court case is moving forward based on numerous complaints of illegal signature gathering and fraud. [Associated Press, 09/07/2006; Associated Press, 09/07/2006; Associated Press, 09/06/2006]
  5. AL: Judge Campaigns at Racist Organization
    A district judge in Alabama, now running for the state court of appeals, has been campaigning at a meeting of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), a well-known racist organization. Judge Terri Willingham Thomas denied knowing about the organization's racism, saying she merely went to learn more the history of Robert E. Lee. Thomas' parents have connections to the CCC and the KKK, making it dubious that she knows nothing about the organization. [Tuscaloosa News, 09/04/2006]