Outrages of the Week: Governor Gift Gaffe

Outrages of the Week

  1. SC: Governor Drops the Bag Mark Sanford of South Carolina governs a state hit hard by trade deals. The Palmetto State has witnessed a devastating number of jobs lost to overseas competitors. So it was mildly insulting, to say the least, when Sanford greeted his colleagues -- Governors from across the country -- with gift bags made of Indian cotton stuffed with a Pakistan-made beach towel and sandals from the Phillipines. The move, a slap in the face to South Carolina's workers, is being met with local outcry. [The State, 08/09/2006]
  2. CA: Gropernator Rejects Real Health Care Solution, Announces Nixonian "Secret Plan" for Victory
    California's Arnold Schwarzenegger -- is promising to oppose a real solution to solve California's health care crisis. The measure, sponsored by Senator Sheila Kuehl, would create a single-payer system financed by payroll and income taxes -- income and payroll taxes that would replace insurance premiums for all Californians. Schwarzenegger describes this massive cost-savings as a "tax increase" as though spending less money overall is a bad thing for California's working families. Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger has merely promised his own health care proposal -- to be released in January and only if he is reelected -- a "secret plan" for the health care crisis. Demagoguery and promises of a plan to be released -- sounds a bit like how Nixon managed Vietnam. Given the dire consequences of leaving America's health care crisis unresolved (see below), this move is especially ugly. [Sacramento Bee, 08/10/2006]
  3. CO: New Research Indicates High Human Cost From Uninsured Children
    Not insuring children is expensive -- in many ways. A new study by two Colorado pediatricians reveals the huge monetary and human costs of not insuring children. The lack of regular doctors visits eventually lead to hospitalizations and emergency room costs that run to $46 million annually in Colorado and as much as $5 billion nationally. But that's the least of the cost. The death rate of uninsured children is nearly twice that of insured children. In many cases, these children's worst crime was being born into a family where the breadwinners work for irresponsible employers. That should not be a capital crime. [Denver Post, 08/07/2006]
  4. MA: More Problems Emerge in Big Dig
    Just weeks after the death of a motorist in Massachusetts' infamous Big Dig, a memo has surfaced raising concerns that actions of Governor Mitt Romney have possibly damaged bolts in a tunnel -- something that "might impact its long-term integrity." The news also follows Romney's characterization of the Dig as a "tar baby" that he wanted to avoid. [Boston Herald, 08/10/2006]
  5. TN: Right-Wing Anti-Tax Group Lies
    A group of anti-tax activists in Tennessee have released a report claiming that taxes are responsible for a declining population in Nashville. In reality, their report undermines their own claims -- other counties with similar tax levels are actually witnessing net in-migration -- while providing no evidence to back up their claims. Meanwhile, actual experts on human movement patterns dismissed the group's claims. [Tennessean, 08/09/2006]