FL: What the People Really Want -- A Progressive Agenda

A conservative leader in Florida's legislature hit upon a novel idea -- ask the people for ideas for better public policy. They got ideas, but the press may now want to follow-up to find out whether the leaders will actually move on the progressive agenda the people are petitioning for. Rep. Marco Rubio came upon the idea with two colleagues and set up a website called to solicit ideas from the public and use the "best" to write a book called 100 Ideas. Over 1,000 entries got submitted, but it appears the ideas have a decidedly progressive bent.
Robert Connors of Lake Wales was one of many to suggest a light rail system to cut down on highway congestion. Others called for universal health care, better pay for teachers and increased reliance on alternate energy sources.
Adequate pay for hard-working teachers? Health care for all? Energy independence and clean air? Those are great ideas. They're also extremely popular.