MN: State Moves to Promote Plug-In Hybrids

The Institute for Local Self-Reliance, a top-notch Minnesota-based outfit, is proudly declaring victory following Governor Pawlenty's signature of a bill that passed both chambers unanimously. The legislation requires that the state purchase "plug-in hybrids on a preferred basis when they become available." H.F. 3718 also directs a state university to research flexible fuel hybrid options. The legislation was sponsored in the House by Rep. Frank Hornstein who had this to say following the bill's passage:
“Minnesota has the resources necessary to make flexible fuel plug-in hybrid production a reality," says Frank Hornstein, the bill's chief House author. "We have the research at Minnesota State-Mankato. We have the corn and ethanol industry. We have a growing number of wind farms. And we have the Ford plant."
The bill was carried in the Senate by Sen. Scott Dibble, also of St. Paul. This measure is simply the latest in renewable energy leadership from the states. A range of other policy options are also available to progressive leaders who want to bring good-paying jobs to their state, while fighting global warming and weaning America off of foreign oil.