The Mass Health Care Mess?

American Prospect co-editor Robert Kuttner turns his discerning eye toward Massachusetts' recent health care (pyrrhic?) victory. And if you've been wondering about the bill they passed, Kuttner ably sums up the virtues (we got our nose into the tent!) and vices (it costs a heck-of-a-lot for working families) of the new legislation without getting long-winded or overcomplicating the matter. Kuttner and PLAN Policy Director Nathan Newman have largely taken the same tack in response to this legislation. Health care for all is a good thing. But pretending that the way to do it is with a harsh individual mandate and a weak employer contribution is just awful policy. A framework is in place in Massachusetts. Over the long-term, though, the framework is going to need some major reform if it is going to prove fruitful for Massachusetts.