CO: Accountability for Privatization

Folks who advocate handing government functions to the private sector justify it as delivering more efficient results. Unfortunately, it often doesn't work that way. In Colorado, for example, state auditors found haphazard results from the $4 billion spent annually on private contracts for public services. Said Sen. Ron Teck, R-Grand Junction of many contracts:
"We've had to spend more money than we expected, they've taken longer than we expected or we've actually had to cancel the contracts and go back to the drawing board."
The Senate Senate has responded with a couple of bills to tighten oversight and put in place tighter peformance standards for vendors with better public disclosure. Firms bidding for contracts would also have to disclose when work is done out-of-state and justify why they aren't using state dollars to employ Colorado residents. A good next step for Colorado would be to take a lesson from their largest city Denver and make sure that the workers on all government contracts get paid a living wage.