CO: Business Community Considers Family Leave to be a Slap in the Face

Colorado's progressive legislature charge forward on family leave has been altered due to concerns that family time was bad for employers. While the original bill required that businesses provided a minimum amount of optional unpaid family leave for workers, allowing parents to see their children's orchestra concert or little league game, the version that made it out of the House committee only requires that businesses have clear family leave policies. Of course, while the progressives who brokered the deal expressed their interest in working with business, business continued to assail even the compromise as a "mandate" on business that would drive a wedge between employers and employees. Writing as someone who works for a living, it's never even begun to dawn on me that the reason for my dislike of minimum wage employers I had in my youth was that a government mandate led me to believe that I was being paid the minimum (oh, to make $3.25 an hour but know that I was making above minimum). And it also never occured to me that worker's compensation was the government's way of driving me out of my caring employer's arms. Still, the substance here is clear. We hear all the time that parental involvement is key to success. Since parental involvement is critical, we need to make sure parents have the freedom to be involved. If the corporate community considers good parenting to be a slap in the face, it might be a time for CEOs to rethink their priorities.