Good News and Bad News on the Immigration Front

Which do you want to hear first? The bad news? OK, we'll get that out of the way and then talk about the good news, of which there is plenty. The bad news: Georgia's senate adopted their heinous anti-immigrant bill that will be more punitive than effective. The bill still has to make it through the house. The good news: Where to start? In an ironic note, the Pew Hispanic Center released a report concluding that the only demonstrable effect of the increasing border crackdown is that immigrants who have made it across the border are less likely to deal with border security a second time by leaving. Meanwhile, the Contra Costa Times reports that a new Field Poll in California finds the public perception of undocumented immigrants to be improving. Even critics of immigrants denied an interest in demonizing the individual immigrants themselves. The Field Poll attributed the feeling to an increasing sense that the migrants aren't an economic threat. In Colorado, a bill that PLAN has highlighted previously to enforce labor standards regardless of worker status -- an effort that undermines the underground economy without vilifying immigrants -- is advancing. Finally, Senator Clinton appealed to the better angels of our nature and hammered far-right critics who do demonize immigrants as issuing "a rebuke to what America stands for."